Monday, June 27, 2011

June is always the highlight of the year ;)

Every year I look forward to the arrival of June and it never, never let me down ;)

In my dictionary June had always been classified as the most interesting month of the year. Because of birthdays, 2 weeks break which are never empty, my birth month ;p etcetc!

2011's June had definitely highlighted my form 5 life, so many happenings and fun! Attended Glamfame, organised IU Night, skipping classes for 2 weeks for choir practices, choir competition, and so on. June had been a really hectic month but with a lot of fun!

So glad our IU Night ended successfully, although there were some technical problem at the beginning which freaked the hell outta me, so glad it is over and we had so much fun making it happen! So in love with Interact Club BOD 2010/2011, too bad the year is coming to an end soon and in fact we're passing the board down in July! So relieved yet so reluctant.. Hopefully the 13 of us will stay in touch even after high school!

& it was the BFF Suexian's birthday! Surprised her with a cake at Tea Time.

My birthday! Thank you so much for planning the surprise, I was really surprised to see all of you there! Honestly I was expecting something but I wasn't expecting for thaaaat! Could have given a bigger and more exaggerated reaction if I wasn't on the phone! Boo phonecallsatwrongtiming. Thank you so much for the presents I love you guys so much :3

Choir competition! So thrilled we got to be the champion! I shall say, it's been a long time since I last felt this kind of exciting chill :) Reminds me of year 2009, so much memories!
happy faces (Y)

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